Ljubice Ivišević Dimitrov 17  //  



This housing unit features basement apartments, a ground floor, first floor and a loft storey, with 10 apartments ranging from 39,78m2 to 46,17m2. The building has one entrance, with a drive from Ljubice Ivišević Dimitrov street. The master plan was made up in such a way to fit the building in with the general surroundings, as well as to adapt the structure to the requirements of modern living. The property is an armored concrete building, comprised of armoured concrete frames and armoured concrete shear walls. Light montage ceiling structures located between floors rely on the longitudinal and cross armoured concrete beams. Hollow clay block walls aren’t load-bearing, since both the vertical load and the horizontal seizmic load are handled by the armoured concrete frames and the armoured concrete hollow clay block walls and pillars within them.


The location of this property is one of the most interesting ones in the municipality of Čukarica.

Just three bus-stops away from Banovo Brdo. Close to Košutnjak Forest, Ada Ciganlija, both of which are ideal for recreation, hiking and other outings.

The building is close to a vital city and intercity traffic hub, but it’s still secluded enough that the noise won’t disturb the peaceful and harmonic atmosphere of a family-oriented property.

Locations of interest

  • Primary schoo “Ujedinjene nacije”, ul. Borova bb
  • Kindergarten “Sanjalica”, ul. Jablanička 20
  • The Library “Duško Radović”, ul. Kosmajska 56a
  • Health centre “Dr Simo Milošević”, ul. Spasovdanska 4a
  • Swimming pool “Košutnjak”, ul. Kneza Višeslava 150
  • Sport Hall “Žarkovo”, ul. Olimpijskih igara 14
  • Super-market “Maxi”, ul. Petefijeva 6a
  • Post offices, banks, pharmacies and other tertiary facilities


  • Neighbourhood: Cerak
  • Address: Ljubice Ivošević Dimitrov br.17
  • Storeys: Su+Pr+1+Pk
  • Elevator: No
  • Garage: No
  • Basement: No
  • Internet: Yes
  • Cable TV: Yes
  • Heating: Cg
  • Title Registration: Yes